Alive again in Hope

Old School Series, Pastor Jason Kennedy
“Alive Again in Hope”
1 Peter 1:3-4

Even if are intently trying to follow Jesus, we may still struggle to get into God’s word. We are told it is living and powerful, but if we’re honest, it still seems like just words sometimes. The truth might be we’ve never found a place to let scripture become anything more. Old School is about going back to the basics and letting God’s word simply be powerful. Over the next three weeks, all Horizons people will be invited to use the Old School Study Guide to guide them through a deeper look into the scriptures. Each Sunday, the message will be on the selected verse we have been letting come to life. Our first verse focuses on the unbelievable inheritance we have, all because God said so, that gives us life even in the most difficult times. Let God’s word become powerful in YOU. We CANNOT wait to see you!

Horizons— Leading all to Jesus to become life-changed life-changers!

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