Coming to Terms

With Pastor Jason
Matthew 7:4-5, Psalm 51:16-17, John 8:32

Horizons’ summer series “Spiritual Freedom,” focuses on spiritual growth through the 12-step model of recovery. There are more parallels to gaining freedom from an addiction and gaining freedom in the Spirit than we imagine. Our sixth Sunday in this series takes us to a place we didn’t foresee going. While in week one we acknowledged we just might have some “stuff” that isn’t quite right in hearts, now that we have fully given all that “stuff” over to Jesus, we begin to see and name the hidden muck in our hearts that causes that stuff to grow in the first place. This is our week for much deeper self-investigation, getting to the real issues. While this week might feel painful, seeing the truth about ourselves will always lead to freedom. We CANNOT wait to see you!

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