Letting it Be Know

SPRING SERIES—Old School: Dialed In
“Letting it Be Known”
Psalm 108:1-6

Horizons dives into the second part of our series going “Old School.” We’re intentionally going back to the basics of our faith and finding the power they have to guide, teach, and heal our lives. “Dialed In,” focuses on the powerful practice of deep prayer as we look toward Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and victory at Easter. How will God move in this season as we point ourselves to Him? This Sunday’s message focuses on what we know about the goodness of God and how we come to discover it. The text exemplifies a heart that fully knows God’s glory and is fully ready to proclaim it, which is the response we have as we discover it. We first let it be known in us, and then we let it be known to others. We CANNOT wait to see you!

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