Miracle Growth

NEW-YEAR SERIES—Best Feet Forward - Sunday, February 2
With Pastor Jason
Ephesians 4:11-16

Often when starting a new thing, we use the phrase “put your best foot forward.” As Horizons dives into the new year, we reframe the phrase to “put your best FEET forward,” focusing on the importance of community and the mission to which we’re. To grow, to heal, to move upward, and to improve is a general notion we all carry for what we want for and expect from our lives. Yet, the way to get there is less commonly known. Paul asserts that this is one of the unique powers of a Christ-centered community—it is shaped to grow its individuals as it seeks to accomplish its work in the world. Want to grow? Look to your community! We CANNOT wait to be in community with you!
Horizons— Leading all to Jesus to become life-changed life-changers!

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