Behind the Scenes!

  • Cleaning Team
  • DZ Behind the Scenes
  • Office Volunteer
  • Tuesday Night Dinners

On Sunday Mornings!

  • Children & Youth New Here Both
  • Communion Server
  • DiscoveryZone Birth-4th Kids
  • DiscoveryZone Registration Team
  • Fusion 5th-8th Grade Students
  • Hospitality Team
  • Host Team
  • Security Team
  • Worship, Tech, & Video Teams

During the Week!

  • Friends in Faith
  • Fusion 5th-8th Grade Midweek Leader
  • Fusion 5th-8th Grade Midweek Security
  • HS Youth 9th-12th Grade Leader
  • Life Group Leader
  • Prayer Team

All Things Paving the Way for Life-Change!

Prepare the way...and the glory of the Lord will be revealed - all people will see it together. - Isaiah 40:3-5

I'm Ready to Serve!